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Heathcote 1A

Freightliner FL80 4 x 4

The Chassis This vehicle is mounted on an Freightliner FL80 4x4 chassis and was built by Alexander-Perrie of Rockdale NSW to a design developed by the Sutherland Shire Rural Fire Service. The vehicle was introduced into service in October 2001. * The truck is driven by a caterpillar 3126e 250 hp six cylinder in line turbocharged intercooled diesel

* Transmission is a 6 speed Allison MD3060P automatic
* Water capacity 3800 litres in a aluminium tank
The Pump * A CLSK Waterous mid-mounted PTO driven pump of 1900lpm at 1000kPa rated output * The pump is close coupled to Pneumax CAFS Compressed Air Foam System * An automatic foam proportioner with 200 litres AFFF and 60litres BFF

* Roof mounted monitor carries a range of Elkhardt automatic branches

4 Sabre - Centurion positive pressure BA

* Protection spray bar system

Heathcote 1B


Heavy Tanker - 6 Person Crew

CAB CHASSIS: 4x4 Crew Cab Isuzu FTS 800

GVM: 13700 kg.

DIMENSIONS: Length 7800 mm,Width 2400 mm, Height 3100 + Aerials

WHEEL BASE: 4250mm

CREW: Crew Cab - 6

AXLE LOADINGS: Front Axle:- 4700 kg, Rear Axle:- 9000 kg

ENGINE: 6 cylinder OHC turbo diesel 7790cc Displacement

NETT POWER: 174 kW @ 2400 rpm

NETT TORQUE: 706 Nm @ 1450 rpm

TRANSMISSION: Gearbox: manual 6 speed overdrive, Constant mesh, synchromesh 2nd-6th.

RATIO: 6.72, 4.24, 2.58, 1.54, 1.00, 0.76 to 1. Reverse 6.82:1.

TRANSFER CASE: 2 speed. Ratios: High - 1.000:1, Low - 1.91:1, Full time 4WD, central diff lock. Rear Axle No-Spin differential.

MAIN PUMP VILLAGE: RFS Class 4, two stage centrifugal pump
coupled to three cylinder diesel engine (36 kW)
Closed pump pressure: 1500 kPa
1450 litres/min @ 100 kPa
1000 litres/min @ 700 kPa
900 litres/min @ 1000 kPa
All above figures are nominal

PRIMER: Electric rotary vane primer.

AUX. PUMP: RFS Class 7, single stage centrifugal pump
coupled to single cylinder petrol engine.

WATER TANK: 3500 litre Galvanised steel tank.

FOAM SYSTEM: Foam induction proportioner with 40 litre foam
concentrate storage.

BODY: Galvanised high tensile steel tray frame with aluminium treadplate floor. Modular aluminium lockers village - 5 lockers, multi purpose - 4 lockers. Grasslands spraybar and dual pump controls in work area. Two live hosereels, 20 mm x 60 m hose. Storage for canvas hose, branches, knapsacks, rakehoes, drip torches, extinguishers and standpipes. BA brackets optional on village tanker.


CREW PROTECTION: Ring sprays on cab sprays on pump + each wheel. Radiant heat shields inside windows.


Heathcote 7A

This vehicle is mounted on an Isuzu NPS chassis with a crew capacity of 3
with a water capacity of 1300 litres utilising a HALE PTO pump and is used
as a fast attack appliance.
The vehicle carries the following :-

* Sabre Centurion Breathing Apparatus
* A range of Elkhardt branches
* Honda GAAM portable pump
* Foam making branch
* 50 l AFFF and 50 l BFFF utilising a round the pump proportioner
* Forcible entry tools This vehicle was placed in service during late 2000 The brigade shares this vehicle with the Fire Prevention Crew

Heathcote BW

Water carrier is a continuous 6 wheel drive MAN. The engine is a 420 hp
straight 6, turbocharged, inter cooled diesel. This is backed up with a 18
speed roadranger gearbox. The vehicle carries 10,000 litres of water stored
in a fully alloy tank and this is delivered with a HALE CBP-3 PTO pump.

This vehicle is designed to have a two man crew and supply water to the
Sutherland Brigades whilst they are engaged in firefighting operations.


Heathcote PC

Toyota Hilux Dual Cab

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